Painted Rooms

Recently I undertook the task of painting a single room in our house and naturally as I was painting, my wife Courtenay went paint crazy. We have now practically painted the entire house! When I started, I was using just brushes and rollers to paint my rooms. If you have ever painted a room in your own house you know that this process takes forever! Between taping, patching and rolling a small room could take several hours to several days depending on what you are covering and how many coats you need.

The other day I was shopping at Lowes and I was in the painting section looking at purchasing more rollers for the rest of the rooms and there were so many options. Walking down the aisle I came to the section that held all the paint sprayers. To my surprise there were not too many options. At Lowes, there was only 4 options. Crazy!

What I discovered after doing a quick web search is that there is only a few major brands of paint sprayers and the most common brand of paint sprayer is Wagner. Staring at the shelf at Lowes, I saw 4 Wagner boxes for paint sprayers. They are: the Basic, Basic Plus, Premium, Heavy Duty (Pro). I bought the Basic Plus because after reading the box because with the plus you can use both the oil based and latex paints.

To my surprise the sprayer itself was very easy to set up and use. What the instructions do not warn you about is how much preparation goes into setting up your room. For instance, when rolling a room, you merely must tape borders and trims. But with the Sprayer you must tape all the borders and trims as well as plastic the sealing and floor if the floor is finished. You also must plastic the entry, windows and any closets, all while providing good ventilation. Once the preparation is complete however the quality you get from using a paint sprayer is so much more superior to rolling and brushing.

Paint sprayers, even the most basic and cheap ones can complete the painting part of the project in a fraction of the time which for me makes up for the preparation time and process. Also by spraying I eliminated all brush strokes from the project. Which includes the brush strokes around the framing, trims, the corners and the transitions from the wall to the roof.

One thing I learned while I was working on the project that is also common sense, is to wear clothing you don’t care about, wear a carbon breathing mask, safety glasses and wash yourself off right after each coat. I watched many videos on YOUTUBE about using my Wagner paint sprayer and they make it look so easy. The actors jump into a room wearing their favorite clothing and start spraying. The videos cuts script to the end showing a beautiful room. Never once do they put on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Another thing I learned is that you need to clean the sprayer between each coat, especially with the latex paints. AHHH! So, while I was painting my first room it started getting blotchy and specky. This was due to dried up paint getting stuck in the nozzle causing lag and obstruction. After I figured this out I cleaned the unit out with hot water and the provided cleaning brush I was back on track. And got a beautiful finish.

Coming back to the Wagner Paint sprayer, we have used this tool to paint many items such as all the doors in the house and the new base boards. Practically anything we had brushed previously. Keep in mind if you only have a small project to do a paint sprayer Is not worth the time. We also found out that having proper ventilation is important. I spray painted our master bedroom upstairs and due to lack of proper ventilation, our smoke detector went off and our security alarm company called us to ensure we were okay. According to them, harsh chemical smells, such as those from paint, can set off a smoke detector. It is more common when using a sprayer, as the paint is vaporized into the air.



Overall, I have found a paint spraying is a good investment if you plan on painting multiple rooms in your house. We have saved so much time using a sprayer. We also saved money by using the paint sprayer to paint our wall instead of hiring someone. Using the paint sprayer you get a professional finish with a reasonable cost.



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