About Us

Hi! We are Courtenay and Dan and we created A Change in Tempo to document and share our journey on changing our lifestyle to maximize happiness, wealth, and more importantly, maximizing life!

Three years ago, we thought we had the lifestyle we dreamed of and had been working hard to achieve. At the age of 24 we had just bought our first house, owned two brand new vehicles, two motorcycles and a camping trailer. Long story short, we had a lot of stuff! We surveyed our accomplishments and thought we were on our way. After all, this is what we thought we wanted.

The truth of the matter is that this isn’t what we wanted. These were just possessions, not accomplishments. We weren’t satisfied and we weren’t as happy as we felt we should be. We wanted the freedom to spend more time on what was important to us. We wanted to spend more time with each other.

Fast forward to today and that goal has become even more important to us as we welcomed our son Parker into our lives. We realized all our possessions weren’t working for us, in fact, we were working for them! We have since been on a mission to declutter and only own items that we actually use and enhance our life.